If you're having a hard time completing simple functions on Dermastore® it could be down to your web browser!

Here's what you can do to try resolve:

  • Hard refresh the page. PC (Ctrl + Reload button) Mac (⌘ Cmd + ⇧ Shift  + R)
  • Try relaunching your web browser by shutting down and reopening
  • Try updating to the latest browser version (we recommend auto-updates)
  • Try a different web browser that doesn't have extensions

People often overload their web browsers with useful extensions, however, if an extension crashes, it can negatively affect the entire web browsing experience and how web pages are loaded.

If you're still having an issue after this, the quickest way to report a bug is to take a screenshot (mac) or print screen (PC) and send it to us, either on support@dermastore.co.za or via the live chat messenger.

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