Step 1:

Are you using the same email address as you orginally registered with?

Step 2:

Be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you don't see the password reset email in your normal inbox.

Step 3:

Did you successfully complete our online skin assessment when you first registered? If you chose an undefinable Skin Type or Exclusion criteria, you won't be registered.

Step 4: Reset your Password

On the login page, select "lost password"

From here you will be prompted to submit your account-linked email address.

Click the reset link.

From here, you'll be instructed to choose a new password. Our system currently only supports maximum strength passwords for all users. This means you need to use a minimum of 12 characters making use of both upper & lower case as well as symbols.

Once your password has been reset, you will be instructed to log in with your new password.

Tip for Remembering Your Passwords:

Use 1Password, a highly secure mobile app and browser extension for storing all of your web passwords in place. You only ever need to remember one password now and forever and the app takes care of the rest. You won't be stuck forgetting your passwords ever again. Click below to download this amazing app!

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