Product reviews are important for building the community and trust of the products we sell. We always encourage our customers to give their feedback. 

How to write a product review

Head over to the product you have tried or purchased, and scroll down to the 'Leave a review' section on the page.

Fill in your Name & Email, then type your review. Then choose a star rating.

Hit "Submit Review".

Once submitted, it will be reviewed by us in the case it violates our Product Review policy (spam, broad language use)

Tips for Writing Good Product Reviews

  • Keep it short
  • Make a mention of your skin type or concerns
  • Use possessive adjectives like my oily skin or in my experience
  • What did the product do for your skin?
  • Would you buy it again?
  • Avoid using broad-language that can be considered generalising
  • Everyone's skin is different. What might not work for you, might work someone else. (other products you use with it, environment, genetics - all play a role)
  • If you haven't had a good experience with a product, reach out to us and let us know before writing it off. We've often helped customers find their grove with a product simply by tweaking how they use it, or by providing advice on how to make it work with a better combination of products.

Get reviewing now.

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