We're constantly working to improve our website. If you find something that isn't working how it should, it could be due to your browser storing old or out-dated elements of our site. To download the fully functioning new version, you can hard refresh or clear your browser cache.

Safari / Mac

Clear cache: 'Safari' > Clear History > Clear All History
Hard refresh: Hold down ALT + CMD + R  (when at www.dermastore.co.za)

Google Chrome
/ Mac or PC

Clear cache:
Chrome > Clear Browsing Data > Cached images and files > "Clear Data"
Hard refresh:
Shift + CMD + R (when at www.dermastore.co.za)

/ Mac or PC

Clear cache: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cached Web Content > Clear
Hard refresh: Hold Shift + Reload button (when at www.dermastore.co.za)

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