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Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Razor Bumps)
Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (Razor Bumps)

Shaving Rash or Razor Bumps

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This condition often occurs in those with dark skin and with short dark, curly hair that curls back on itself. It is commonly found in the neck and jawline in men and in women it is common in the bikini area.

People with darker skins can end up with keloid scars or post-inflammatory pigmentation.

If it occurs just on the jawline:

Keep a stubble and trim with a hair clipper instead of shaving
Grow a beard

If it occurs on the neck or jawline or bikini area:

Laser hair removal if the hairs are dark
Electrolysis if the hairs are both dark and light

If the area is red, bumpy and inflamed the following product can be used to reduce the symptoms:

Obagi CLENZIderm Therapeutic Lotion which contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide

This product should be used with caution as it is quite potent and should only be used on the areas of concern. 

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