As pioneers of selling cosmeceuticals with high percentages of active ingredients online in South Africa, we developed our diagnostic tool for a few reasons.

Responsible Selling

Not everyone has skin that is suitable for powerful active ingredients. Even if you have used our products before, we have to take into account the very many who haven't. This is where potential problems can arise.

Accurate Recommendations

On top of providing a responsible online selling experience, we've also noticed that incorrect product recommendations have been provided to new customers outside of Dermastore®. People can go for years using an unsuitable product for their age & skin type. Our skin assessment aims to isolate the best regimen of products for an individual's skin, across a multitude of brands.


The modern world of retail is all about personalisation, and that is exactly what we aim to provide our customers with, a tailored retail experience that helps you discover the best science for your individual skin type, and our skin assessment is front and center to this (before you reach out to our support staff).

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