There are two easy and secure ways to pay with your bank-issued credit or debit card.

Pay with a Bank Card (first payment option)

Accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express

This option allows you to securely store your card details the first time you pay with us. The advantage of choosing this method is being able to breeze through future checkouts with 1-click payments (no 3D Secure required).

Once you hit 'place order' the card widget will automatically load on another screen and you can input your card details.

If it's your first purchase, and you've chosen to store a card (or if you've chosen not to store a card) the 3D secure widget will load after inputting your card details. Follow the prompts, and finalize the payment. You will then be taken to an order confirmation screen.

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Managing your Bank Card

You can review and remove a bank card from under My Account > Saved Cards. You can store a new card by following the checkout procedure again. You are welcome to store as many bank cards as you like.

Pay with a Bank Card on PayU (second payment option)

Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Diner's Club

You can select the PayU payment option which redirects you to the PayU portal.

Once your card details have been input, you'll be asked for your One-Time Pin for 3D secure. Once successfully completed, you will be redirected back to a confirmation screen on Dermastore with your order number.

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